Multimodal transport

Multimodal transportation involves several different modes of transport, temporary storage and transshipments of cargo on the route.

Every day we organise cargo transportation all over the world, and our Clients enjoy the most effective logistics solutions for delivery in terms of routing as well as expenses.

Bilax has great expertise in organising sequential transportation by different vehicles with intermediary loading and unloading, storage, and packaging at transit warehouses.

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Integrative Approach

Integrative Approach

A multimodal transportation operator combines all stages of transportation into a single whole, ensuring continuity of the transportation process, availability of well-developed infrastructure, consistency in the provision of transport vehicles, and unified commercial and legal terms.


Multimodal transport facilitates optimising routes and allows involving of different modes of transport according to the cargo specifics and geography, while reducing expenses and delivery time.


The flexibility of multimodal transport facilitates effective response to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, traffic congestion or vehicle failure. Where one mode of transport faces problems, other options can be used to proceed with the delivery without major delays.


Bilax controls the entire transportation process and is responsible for the coordination of processes and cargo safety on the route.

Frequently asked questions

Which kinds of cargo are compatible with multomodal transport?

Multimodal transportation can be used to transport various kinds of cargo including products, containers, industrial machinery, vehicles, chemicals, etc.

What ensures cargo safety during multimodal transportation?

We take measures to ensure cargo safety at every stage of delivery. These include proper securing and using appropriate protective materials.


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