Air Transport

We organize cargo transportation by air from anywhere in the world, in any direction, on passenger, cargo and charter flights, and in the manner convenient for our clients (door-to-door, airport-to-airport). Through cooperation with reliable partners around the world we provide high quality services and attractive prices for freight and delivery of any type of commodity along most trade routes.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

Express delivery on any route


Unlimited geography


Strict adherence to departure schedule


Air transport has the lowest rate of accidents


Minimum exposure to stealing risks due to limited access to the cargo and strict security rules

Frequently asked questions

What determines the cost of air delivery?

The cost and time of air transportation depend on cargo nature, weight, volume, route and required delivery terms.

What cannot be transported by air?

Certain dangerous goods, radioactive materials, weapons, animals and plants protected by CITES and other prohibited items cannot be transported by air. Each airline and country may have its own rules and limitations regarding the carriage of certain cargo. Contact us for additional information regarding your particular case.

How long does it take to deliver cargo by air?

The delivery term depends on the route and distance. Transportation by air can take the cargo far away in a few days.

How to track cargo during air delivery?

Many air carriers provide real-time online tracking tools.

Can cargo be transported on a passenger flight?

Yes, passenger flights can carry cargo as well. However, remember that a passenger aircraft may have limited cargo space, and not every cargo is allowed to be transported in a passenger cabin.


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