What are cookies?

Cookie files ("cookies" «сookie files») — are small pieces of text sent by a visited website (here the website of BILAX Sp. z o.o.) and saved on the user’s device (PC, laptop , smartphone) used to browse the website.

Cookies contain data necessary for proper website performance. Generally they contain an ID, the source website address and the period of time they will be stored at the user’s device. Cookies collect personal data only for the purpose of performing certain user related functions, such as remembering website login data or remembering the items added to your shopping cart in an online store. By default cookies content is readable only for the server they have been created by, and the data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

What is the purpose of cookies?

Cookies make websites user-friendlier and their content (texts, images, advertisements) better adapted to the user’s preferences.

Cookies are pimarily used to optimise and personalize webpages, for example to:

  • identify the user’s device and display the website according to the user’s settings (e.g. by remembering the selected font size)
  • adapt page content to the user’s preferences
  • remember website user login data so that the user does not have to log on every subpage
  • adapt advertising content displayed on the website
  • track website users

Generally the software used to browse websites (web browser) allows cookies to be saved on the user's device by default, but the user can change the cookie settings anytime. Please, be aware that decline to use cookies may affect some of the website features. Find the links to further details about cookies capabilities and processing techniques available for the most common web browsers below:

Cookies are completely safe for your computers, smartphones and other devices used to browse the website. They do not affect their performance and do not change the configuration of hardware or software.