Firma transportowo-spedycyjna BILAX Spółka z o.o.


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Contact data
PHONE NUMBERS:  +48 85 748 31 00
+48 85 748 31 99
FAX:                         +48 85 748 31 92
ADDRESS:          15-008 Bialystok, Polska, ul. Ryska 1
Skype:                      bilax_sp_z_oo
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container transport
multimodal carriages
railway transportation
store services
developing cargo disposing and securing schemes
The List of our services involves:
road transport
overseas and air transportation
customs clearing
Data on the Company

For over 10 years Bilax is in the market of freight services. Of a small company Bilax grew into a large steady-operating forwarding company employing a large number of skilled workforce, operating its own fleet of commercial motor vehicles and railway cars, own temporary storage warehouse. The Company has become a reliable and constant partner for the majority of our customers. The diversification, a wide network of subsidiaries and wide experience of employees make it possible for the Company to offer a full range of services in the field of carrying goods by all types of vehicles across all countries of Europe, CIS and across some countries of Asia, as well as a wide range of services in the field of storage logistics.

Specialists of Bilax Sp.z o.o. are available to respond to any of your request to render freight services. They will offer an optimum haul, select for you a most suitable type of vehicles, estimate a hauling cost, supervise the process of transportation of goods from a loading point to a point of unloading, as well as promptly furnish the information on а cargo location.

Bilax freight forwarder owns its own fleet of Volvo FH 480 and FH 500 tractive units and Krone tarpaulin semitrailers. All vehicles are equipped with Dynafleet GPS-tracing system developed by Volvo company specially for freight carriers.
Bilax Company is a member of  BELSYS GROUP international holding
To efficiently promote businesses of customers and partners, provide optimal and reliable solutions of any logistical tasks.

We are striving to attain the following objectives:

For our customers - promptly and qualitatively streamlining the logistical services in order to procure efficient operation and development of businesses of our customers.

For our partners - streamlining the cooperation under the long-term, trust-based and mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

For our employees - procuring optimum conditions for their effective work, professional and career advancement, providing opportunities for self-actualization.

For the community - promoting social and economic growth and development of the region.

For the environment - reducing noxious emissions into the air, by way of employing the Company’s own and contracted vehicles meeting EURO-5 present-day norms, assessing and preventing risks when carrying goods with a view to prevent emergency situations which may negatively affect the environment.
We are involved in carrying the following types of goods:
oversized and heavy-lift goods
perishable goods
groupage goods and balanced issue load
bulk liquids
goods in containers
dangerous goods
high-priced goods
We have available vehicles with the capacity equal up to 24 tons and 120 m3, as well as 1520 mm-gauge box cars.
Why hundreds of customers select our Company and place confidence in us?
favorable tariffs and transparent invoices
business reliability and stability
customs clearing
experienced personnel
business reputation
high quality and timely delivery of goods
individual approach to each customer
a wide range of services
The temporary storage warehouse located close to Semyanuvka railway station offers comprehensive services in the sphere of storage logistics. The Depot Complex involves: a roofed warehouse, outdoor heavy-lift grounds, container grounds, a parking area for 50 trucks.

The List of the services rendered at the warehouse involves all types of handling operations, various cargo handling services, as well as customs clearance and phytosanitary control of overseas products.
The Company’s own warehouse for the convenience of our customers
outdoor heavy-lift grounds
a roofed warehouse
container grounds
a parking area
for 50 trucks
Our customers
Currently the customers of Bilax Sp.z o.o. are over 350 enterprises, many of which became standing customers.
Our certificates and recommendations by customers

BILAX Sp.z o.o. forwarding agent successfully transports goods for various customers.
The recommendations by some of them are given below: